When you have to use epoxy resin, you have to know how to choose since there are many types of epoxy resin.

EPOXI TR resin is ideal for creating small pieces since its exothermic reaction is quite strong so we can use it to make small jewels, pieces and even covering pictures, although in the latter case we also recommend WWAS epoxy resin.

It is also an ideal epoxy resin for wood, filling knots in the wood that are not very large or to cover holes that are annoying and give the table a finer finish.

What is the recommended thickness for this resin? This always depends on the accumulation of resin you have. For example, if we have a 20x20cm piece we can make a thickness of 0.5cm, on the contrary if we have a 3-4 cm piece we can make a thickness of those same 3-4cm. If we were to make a greater thickness in a 20x20 piece, we would have to go to an epoxy resin for high castings or resin river tables.

This epoxy resin dries in about 24 hours and the degree of shrinkage, compared to polyester resins, is lower.

Although it is an epoxy resin that is very transparent, we recommend applying some transparent pigment to give it very spectacular colors while playing with its transparency.

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Transparent epoxy resin. Low viscosity and adherence to pieces of jewelry. It has very good UV stability.