To talk about resin for porex we should divide it into three main categories:

POLYESTER RESIN FOR POREX: In this case we would be talking about polyester resin for porex for fiber application and vertical laminate. Even so, you have to be very careful since if this resin accumulates at some point, its own heating can dissolve porex. Widely used for boat hulls and porex pieces. High viscosity and drying for 24 hours at room temperature.

EPOXY RESIN: There are different types of epoxy, depending on the curing time, its viscosity, transparent or with a honey tone, we would have the resin for application a thin layer EPOXI FV, (with a honey tone) and EPOXI 1070 (transparent). Due to its properties, the only thing that can damage the porex is the same temperature that the resin generates when it hardens, so it is very important not to accumulate resin in any hole.

JESMONITE RESIN: Jesmonite is an alternative to polyester and epoxy as it is non-toxic and does not have to use solvents to clean. It can be applied both vertically and as a wash and there is no risk to dissolve the porex. Jesmonite can be applied both with Veil (very thin fiber) and with quadriaxial fabric. It can also be applied with a thicker glass fiber but by not dissolving the threads what can be created is like a sandwitch but it is better to apply glass fiber chopped strands in the mixture.It is widely used for interior decorations and props. Finally, unlike epoxy or polyester, Jesmonite also produces a chemical reaction but never to such an extent that it breaks down the porex. In contrast, there is no transparent Jesmonite, the base tone of this material is white.

In general terms, these are the three types of resin that can be applied on polystyrene and that, as long as it is a thin layer, there is no risk of dissolve the polystyrene.

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