Polyester Gelcoats

Pre-accelerated isophthalic polyester gelcoat. Polymerize with PMEC catalyst for protective and decorative coatings of GRP parts.

It has excellent properties during application and aging. Due to its rheology, its resistance, its viscosity and its hardening, the polyester gel-coat has an excellent ease of application.

The isophthalic polyester achieves a high quality finish, with good gloss retention and a weak yellowing due to aging.

The resistance to hydrolysis is excellent.


The RESINECO gelcoat is available for brush / roller application although it can be diluted with styrene to facilitate its application with a spray gun.

The gelcoat always remains with superficial mordant to facilitate the adherence of the additional layers of fiberglass and resin in the work with molds. If what you want is to apply the gelcoat as a paint, as a last layer in molded parts, repair of swimming pools on site or boats, you must select the Topcoat, as it is a gelcoat with a paraffin additive that manages to leave the surface free of mordant and facilitating the subsequent polishing.

The usual performance of the gelcoat and Topcoat is 500 g x 1 square meter. It will therefore be calculated 1 kg of gelcoat or Topcoat for every 2 meters to be coated


The RESINECO gelcoats we offer you in colors of the RAL chart, in the online shop you can find the basic colors.

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Polyester Gelcoat, for application Brush or roller. Isophthalic Base Viscosity appropriate for all types of molds and resin parts. Select the format and color.


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Styrene monomer with 5% paraffin addition. To remove the mordant of polyester resins. Turn a Gel-Coat into a Top-Coat or to surfboard glaze.