AC100 (laminates)

Jesmonite AC100 is an Acrylic Composite material supplied in two parts, a powder and a liquid. It is suitable for both decorative castings and glass reinforced laminates, and can be pigmented using the Jesmonite range of water-based pigments. It is also possible to add a range of decorative and functional fillers in order to achieve a wider range of effects and to meet a broader spectrum of specifications.

Jesmonite AC100 can be used both internally and externally, although external use requires the application of a suitable sealer or external paint system for long-term exposure. It is fire-resistant, having achieved a Class '0' fire rating under UK Building Regulations BS476 (Parts 6&7). Due to its solvent free formulation, AC100 can be cast without damage to rubber moulding compounds, and without limitation to scale. It is also dimensionally stable due to low exothermic reaction, and produces a small amount of expansion on set (1mm/ linear metre).


AC100 is supplied in separate containers of liquid and powder, and mix ratios are variable to allow for both decorative and functional fillers. Normal casting and laminating requires a mix ratio of 2.5 parts AC100 Powders to 1 Part AC100 Liquids, by weight. A full range of ancillary materials designed specifically for optimum compatibility is available. These include Stone & Metal Fillers, Thixotrope, Retarder, Pigments, and Glass Reinforcements.


Bespoke Colour matching and Stone finishes are also available. Contact RESINECO for further details.

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Jesmonite AC100 is the ideal resin to give life to your creativity. It is an alternative to polyester or polyurethane for all kinds of decorative pieces. Ideal with silicone molds.

AC100 STARTER KIT Terrazzo

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Pack that includes everything you need to start working with JESMONITE AC100:

Jesmonite AC100, 2 silicone molds & pigments BRIGHT YELLOW, BRIGHT RED and BLUE


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Pack that includes everything you need to start creating with JESMONITE AC100 and making your own christmas decoration, ideal for giving a present:

Jesmonite AC100, 2 silicone molds & pigments BRIGHT YELLOW, BRIGHT RED and BLUE


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Mixing blades for acrylic resins. Thanks to its design, prevents the formation of bubbles and achieve a homogeneous mixture in a few seconds. It adapts easily to any standard drill.


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Thixotropic thickener additive for resin references Jesmonite AC100, AC200, AC300. So you don't pick up. Save time and material. Recommended mixing ratio of 2 to 6 grams per kg of mixture.


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The specific fiberglass for Jesmonite AC100 and AC730 resins. This type of glass reinforcement has been custom designed for use with Jesmonite. Very easy to adapt and work. Flame retardant


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Acrylic sealant for Jesmonite to protect parts made with Jesmonite AC100, AC200 and AC300.


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Buy the Liquid of the Jesmonite AC100 resin separately, in the format you need, either because you have missed it or because you make a different mixture than the recommended one to achieve different results.

AC100 / 300 BASE (POWDERS)

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Buy here the base of the Jesmonite AC100 resin separately, in the format you need, either because you have missed it or because you make a different mixture than recommended to achieve different results. Select the size according to your need


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Pure metal filler for Jesmonite resins. 99,9% of metal powder to achieve amazing real metal effects.

FORMBOX de TeamMayku

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The Mayku FormBox puts the power to do in your hands. Powered by any vacuum cleaner, it works with a world of materials and helps you bring your ideas to life. Whether you're crafting or linking your 3D printer, the FormBox is your very own desktop production line