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Safety gear for resin applications. Including respiratory masks, nitril gloves, glasses for eye protection...

Active filters

3M MASK 9913

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Comfort and safety. Maximum adaptability. Self-filtering 3M mask (FFP1S), with activated carbon designed to eliminate the discomfort caused by low levels of gases and vapors present in some operations together with particulate pollutants._x000D_ They prevent irritation. Reliable, comfortable and light.


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Comfort and safety. Maximum adaptability Protect your eyesight from contact with resin and hazardous solvents


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Excellent barrier to dry or wet particles, many liquid chemicals and aerosols, large dust repellent thanks to its smooth surface, its chemical composition and antistatic treatment.

3M 6000 M MASK

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Interchangeable filters, medium size, for intensive use and maximum safety. As the filters can be changed, it is the most durable mask. Other 3M brand filters can be used

includes 2 filters 3M 6075 - 3M filter for 6000 and 7000 series masks, for organic vapors (boiling point above 65°C) and formaldehyde.

- They are light, offer low resistance to breathing, weight well balanced on the face. Its bayonet-type connection system guarantees a safe and effective fit. -

Use: for solvents in general (MEK, toluene...). Also for formaldehyde.