AC300 (casting)

Jesmonite AC300 has a lower Acrylic Resin content than AC100 and is therefore only suitable for internal decorative use as a casting and laminating compound. It is fully compatible with all Jesmonite ancillary products. Jesmonite AC300 is fire-resistant and has achieved a Class ?0? Fire rating.

In addition to its standard kit sizes of 35kg and 70kg Jesmonite AC300 is also offered in 420kg and 3500kg bulk kits in order to minimise packaging and transport costs. NB. In this format powders are supplied in bags and therefore the shelf life of the powders is reduced to 3 months.

The material is mixed at a ratio of 2.5 parts AC300 powders to 1 part AC300 liquids.

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AC300 is the solution for castings and castings of acrylic resin in mold, to obtain solid pieces with a lower cost than AC100. You can do casting of any size.


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Mixing blades for acrylic resins 65 / 35 mm. Thanks to its design, prevents the formation of bubbles and achieve a homogeneous mixture in a few seconds. It adapts easily to any standard drill.


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Acrylic sealant for Jesmonite to protect parts made with Jesmonite AC100, AC200 and AC300.


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Buy the Jesmonite AC300 resin liquid separately, in the format you need, either because you have missed it or because you make a different mixture than recommended to achieve different results.

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