Gelcoats - Topcoats

Select a Gelcoat or Topcoat according your project.:

Basic gelcoats

Kits of 1 and 5 kg, in basic colors (White, Black, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow)

* we can deliver on request any color of the RAL Chart (request delivery time)

Gelcoats of the QCC system of POLYCOR of the prestigious Polynt brand

The QCC color system has 200 colors. It is based on a colorless base to which the pigments are added to achieve the chosen color.

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Price €11.84
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Polyester Gelcoat, for application Brush or roller. Isophthalic Base Viscosity appropriate for all types of molds and resin parts. Select the format and color.


Price €11.84
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Polyester gel-coat with paraffin (Top-Coat), for brush or roller application. Isophthalic For repairs and molds. Select Format and Color.


Price €9.21
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Styrene monomer with 5% paraffin addition. To remove the mordant of polyester resins. Turn a Gel-Coat into a Top-Coat or to surfboard glaze.