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In our selection for vacuum equipment, we seek the balance between price, performance and dimension of the equipment, oriented to small workshops, entrepreneurs, fans and individuals.

Our goal is to offer a package that allows you to learn, make pieces with the highest quality, but at a very tight cost.

They are not intended to run large infusion projects, which because of their complexity are not within the reach of individuals, but you can find equipments suitable for starting, learning and making pieces of small and medium size.

Contact with us if you are interested in a demonstration or more detailed explanation of how it works

Active filters


Price €210.00
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Empty pump for composites 42L / MIN 15 micron. Mini high performance vacuum pump. Maximum vacuum of 15 micron with a capacity of 42 liters per minute, ideal for small and medium pieces, up to 2m2


Price €12.50
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Jaw / Pliers to close the passage of resin or air in the resin infusion system for composites. Total hose tightness quickly and easily.