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Fillers for polyester resin fulfill specific functions. They are divided into 2 large types:

Functional Fillers

Give the polyester resin different mechanical characteristics. Lightness, strength, weight, viscosity, volume ... in this way you can improve and adapt the resins to our specific application.

Decorative Fillers

Although they do not contribute to increase mechanical characteristics, provide decorative effects that allow the user to give the desired finish to their pieces. We have metal fillers of bronze, copper, brass as well as mineral charges that allow artificial stone to be manufactured. The pigments for the resin, although they can be defined as a decorative filler, because of their very low proportion, we frame them in a separate section.

It is important to keep in mind that in decorative fillers, if the usual proportions are exceeded, the piece can be mechanically weakened.

Active filters


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Aerosil or Cabosil, are trademarks of the same product. It is an additive to increase the viscosity of epoxy resins, polyester and other fluids. 350 grs format. Its main component is "Pyrogenic Silica"


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Usual filler for casting polyester resin. Increase the volume of the resin, gives mechanical properties. Reduce the exotherm of the resin and reduce the cost of the final piece.


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Pure metal filler for Jesmonite resins. 99,9% of metal powder to achieve amazing real metal effects.