Catalysts & Aditives

RESINECO sells the silicone catalysts with a blue pigment incorporated so that the correct mixing of all the material is very visible and thus ensure that no parts of the silicone remain unreacted.

The silicone catalysts might contain toxic salts and should be handled with caution. Check the safety data sheet before use.

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Solution to modify the viscosity of RTV silicones. Especially recommended for SILTHIXO silicone. Save time and silicone.


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Release agent by silicone oil spray, highly recommended to facilitate subsequent reproduction in silicone molds,


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Silicone catalyst for RTV molds, with blue pigment or without as an indicator of homogeneous mixing w

Vaselina pura en pasta 30 gr

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Vaseline paste to be used as a release agent between silicone and silicone, or to isolate clay or plaster in molds with other resins