Epoxy resin, has multiple applications, and if you are looking for transparent resin, you must know that there are different types, depending on their application form or desired result.

Mainly they are divided into 3 options:

Transparent epoxy resin (Epoxi TR or WWAS + WWB4) to make small pieces. Recommended for jewelery, jewelry, drop resin coatings for cameos, medals, trophies, cracks in wood or any work of art that requires a transparent and shiny finish. In this case we recommend TR epoxy resin or WWAS + WWB4 epoxy that have good transparency and a shorter drying time.

Epoxy resin for large thicknesses. HCAST resin is the recommended resin for any job, because of its thickness, it can not be done with epoxi TR or WWAS + WWB4. It is recommended for high thicknesses in combination with wood. Its low% contraction and drying at low temperature are the main difference. Thanks to its slow curing process, it does not generate bubbles, cracks or defects, as it does not heat up. Consult the detailed technical data sheet to know the indications to get the best result with this resin.

Epoxy resin for sports equipment. Mainly to achieve a transparent finish in material that can be exposed to the sun. It is a resin that must be applied with fiberglass mainly for surfboards, skis or similar. Another recommended application of this resin is the varnishing of artificial fish.

All these resins can be combined with dyes and pigments opaque or transparent

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Transparent epoxy resin. Low viscosity and adherence to pieces of jewelry. It has very good UV stability.


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Transparent epoxy for fiberglass. Its medium viscosity and adherence is perfect to manufacture and repair of laminates. It has very good UV stability


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Transparent epoxy resin for large castings, thicknesses up to 7cm. Specially formulated for river tables, epoxy art with wood.