At Resineco, in addition to selling silicone so you can make your own silicone mold, we now also have different types of moulds at your disposal for those who want to start playing with Jesmonite or Epoxy, among other resins!

We have different options, from square, round, oval or hexagonal... to very funny mini cactus pots and mini cactus themselves that will make your resin reproductions look spectacular! These molds, being made of silicone, are non-stick so you do not need to put anything to be able to unmold. Furthrmore silicone is flexible, allow unmolding without any risk to the piece!

Silicone molds and their copies

Silicone molds and their copies

Among the resins that we recommend to use these silicone molds are the following:

  • Jesmonite AC100/AC300: Jesmonite is an acrylic resin that will allow you, without toxins, to unmold the piece in less than 1 hour. At the same time, as it is a less aggressive material than other resins, the molds will last for many more copies! Ideal to make quick reproductions or have fun with the little ones!
  • Epoxy TR: If you are looking to make  transparent pieces, it is an ideal resin. We recommend pigmenting them and playing with our transparent pigments. It is important to work this resin in a well ventilated place and with a mask.

Don't forget that we also sell RTV silicones, we have a video in which we show you how to make a silicone mould. As the silicone does not stick to anything (only to very porous surfaces and to the silicone itself) it is very easy to work with!

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