Firstly, we should talk about the polyester resin for laminating ADHYECO. In this case it is a polyester resin but with low styrene emission. It smells less so it's better to work. With this type of resin, waterproofing is made in case of leaks, through swimming pools, boat hulls, etc. You can choose catalyst or not depending on whether you already have it. We remember that it is important to always keep around a 2% amount of hardener because it is a resin that heats up a lot, therefore if the amount exceeds the proportion it can alter the result of the piece. In the event that it is less than 2% up to 1.2%, the reaction will slow down. This resin is perfect for fiber or fiberglass fabric.

Laminado de resina de poliéster y  fibra de vidrio de 300gr

Laminated with polyester resin and fiber

* Important: Never use polyester for the interior of gasoline tanks. They are not compatible.

In second place we have EPOXY resin for fiberglass, EPOXI FV. With this resin, you can make fiber laminates to make structures like those mentioned above, and also give the resulting pieces extra hardness. There are also people who apply it as if it were a varnish, as a final coat, since the epoxy adopts a polished touch and without mordant, although it can be polished and polished more. Epoxy is 100% compatible to go in contact with gasoline.

Laminado de carbono con resina epoxi al vacío

Epoxy resin laminated on carbon

Finally we would have the JESMONITE AC100 resin (interiors) or the AC730 (exteriors) ideal for fiber laminates, although in this case we recommend working with quadriaxial fiber since this resin does not dissolve the typical threads of the fiber, although it is also worked with veil, which, being very thin, does get them wet and separate.

Laminado con resina Jesmonite AC100 y fibra de vidrio quadriaxial

Surface laminated with Jesmonite

This resin is a non-toxic material, with which you can clean the tools simply with water and also the pieces will dry in 1-2 hours, with the incentive that it is a fire-retardant resin. It is a material that is used for decorative elements, we would never make boat or swimming pool with this material, but it copies the detail so well and then you can make artistic pieces and really original designs.

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